Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Systems Stan­dards – Continuous Maintenance Version

This document is a working copy of the 2012 Standards that incorporates all amendments adopted as of June 28 2017.

The official copy of the Standards are posted at

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Residential Energy Services Network, Inc.

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Submitting Proposed Amendments to the RESNET Standards

RESNET welcomes proposed amendments to the Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards. The proposed amendment must be submitted online. To submit a proposed amendment, fill out the RESNET Online Standard Amendment Form.

After RESNET receives a proposed amendment is forwarded to the appropriate standing committee. The committee will then review the request and either request additional information or submit it to the RESNET standard amendment public review and comment process. The committee is able to amend the proposed revision.

In order to be considered the proposal must be in editorial underline/strike out format with specific sections listed. Click here for an example of an accepted proposed amendment.